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BizUnitDesigner and a Biztalk Testing Series

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This post is mainly to call out two new resources that i just came across.

The first one is BizUnitDesigner. Finally someone has taken the plunge and written a GUI for BizUnit, at least, one that is publicly available. (I’ve heard rumors of IPR protected toolsets which obviously havent made the public domain). That was one of the key things on my TO-DO list . You know, sometimes procrastination can be good! Someone else takes the initiative. 🙂 I recently started “interviewing” my colleagues to find out what their idea of the ultimate BizUnit GUI would be. I shall compile their responses and share it. I also had some work items for the GUI on my Extensions roadmap on the codeplex workspace. The feedback was going to inform my next toolkit . Since we already have this project available, theres no sense in starting another one. I’ve asked the coordinator if i could join and contribute to this project. At this time it works for BizUnit 2.x and it should be interesting to see how it will work with BizUnit 3.0 (which is still in beta) where Kevin has changed the object model and made it easier to generate BizUnit test cases (and included a tool to generate BizUnit test cases from Excel).

The second one is Michael Stephenson’s series on Biztalk Testing. Michael has already written up over half a dozen articles starting with this and it looks like a really good resource. Some of my colleagues have been doing some interesting work in the way they have been using BizUnit and i have been planning to write them up so i find these posts to be a spur in that direction. We do need a lot of sharing in the area of Biztalk testing and using BizUnit. Here’s hoping we’ll get some good info on practices out into the community.

Check out those links. Enjoy!!



Written by santoshbenjamin

April 11, 2008 at 9:34 PM

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