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You gotta love this. Its like buses. You wait for one forever and then two come along at the same time. No sooner had i finished looking through StyleCop, I happened to go over to the Visual Studio Gallery (this is different from the MSDN Code Gallery) and came across the CodeStyleEnforcer. Downloads can be done from the homepage of the tool here.

According to the blurb

“Code Style Enforcer is a DXCore plug-in for Visual Studio 2005 / 2008 that checks the code against a configurable code standard and best practices. It is developed for C#, but some of the rules will also work for VB .NET, though not tested. The code standard is currently configurable.”

To paraphrase the rest – it supports name rules, visibility rules & implementation rules. It is based on the IDesign C# coding standard which is also a freely available and a popular standard.

On taking a look at the rather grainy screenshot provided, it appears that this is a ‘pro-active’ tool and highlights issues in code as they are written. Re-sharper provides some of this kind of checking as well but of course, thats commercial whereas this is free. I’ve also been impressed with the way the DXCore system almost blankets the entire codeModel allowing you to write plugins easily. More on this later.

It also seems , from various sources on the net, that loads of people are moving away from Resharper to Refactor Pro (written by the DXCore guys, DevExpress) especially with the instability of R# 3.x. I still use R# 2.5.2 and will wait for reviews of 4.x before i stump up for an upgrade, but in general, i love the tool. Still its good to have different options. Anyway, this post is not about R#. Check out CodeStyleEnforcer and see how you like it.


Written by santoshbenjamin

May 31, 2008 at 7:33 PM

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