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VBUG: VSX & Software Factories – slides

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Thanks to all who attended my talk on VSX & Software Factories at VBUG last week. It was a decent turnout considering the last minute change of venue. The slides should be available from Chris Mitchell at VBUG and I’m also posting them here on this blog for anyone else who is interested in the topic.

As I said in the meeting, I will shortly be starting a series focussing on GAT. I’ll also keep a page here with all the best links to VSX & GAT resources and this will be continually updated as i find more sites and posts with information.

Couple of really cool resources that I didn’t include on the slides are

  • LearnVSXNow, a great site on CodePlex written by a VSX MVP Istvan Novak. This chap should write a book. I collated the first 10 parts of his currently 23 part series on VSX, into one document and it already stands at a whopping 120+ pages of deep dive content. He uses VS2008 but most of the discussions will apply to VS2005 as well (except for areas dealing with the VSCT file of course – where those of us in the VS2005 world still have to live with the CTC files).
  • MSDN VSX Videos and webcasts  presented by Hilton Giesenow, Dylan Miles and others.
  • The VSX Team Blog – Great content with regular community newsletters and so on.

With sites such as these (and many more others to be put up here shortly), i think the VSX community really rocks. Now, if only we can get more solid information on GAT in this way, the world would be a much happier place (!), ok, so thats being melodramatic 🙂

Anyway, the slides are here : Feedback appreciated.




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June 28, 2008 at 7:58 PM

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