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BizUnitExtensions and Tools Roadmap

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BizUnitExtensions 2.3

BizUnitExtensions crossed the 400 downloads mark recently and im really chuffed about that. One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time is to release some work i did with my previous project team in restructuring the codebase for Extensions. Basically, in alignment with BizUnit 2.3 we moved all non core steps into their own assemblies so now we have separate assemblies for Extensions.Biztalk, Extensions. EntLib and so on. This release is now on CodePlex. (Its not a default release so the homepage still shows the old one so use this link to get it).

Before you download this however please note the following

  • There is no new functionality as such (as far as i remember) and this is only an interim release to set the stage for v3.0 which has a completely new object model, strong typing of test step properties and so on. So you probably dont need this if you are happy with the previous release.
  • As the steps have been moved into different assemblies, the namespaces have also been changed to correspond with them and this will cause existing XML steps to break unless updated.
  • Since we are no longer redistributing the core BizUnit engine with Extensions, the extra entlib logging we had added to the core engine has now been dropped. I hope we can revisit this sometime in future. (The EntLIb database steps are all safe in their own assembly.. just the core logging no longer uses entlib).
  • The assembly version numbers have at last been updated and they are all fixed at (This was doing my head in for a long time and the procrastination finally got to me).

The Roadmap

The wiki had a roadmap suggestions page for a long time and the points there had been converted to work items and for a few i actually got votes on what features would be useful. I’ve now been through the list with a fine tooth comb and extracted the ones to work on immediately.

I have been corresponding closely with Jean Paul Smit and looking through his excellent work on the Biztalk Solution Factory and eventually Extensions will make it into a full fledged Guidance Package.

The 4 main areas to work on are as follows (outside of the upgrade to BizUnit 3.0). For notes on the areas listed check out the old roadmap suggestions page on codeplex.


  •  JMS
  •  SSIS
  • SB
  • WCF
  • WF
  • WSE
  • Pipeline Tests

TestStep Extensions

  •  Link into OrchProfiler
  •  Link into Quick Counters

Functionality Extension

 Pluggable Logging

  • XSD
  • Code Snippets
  • TreeView GUI / WPF GUI
  • WF Test Script Flow GUI
  • Generate BizUnit Test script (now in BSF)
  • Test Guidance Packages (also BSF)
  • Custom DSL
  • Repository

So thats my priority list. Unfortunately i cant promise any dates. If anyone has written steps in the areas listed below (I’ve chatted to Mike Stephenson about WSE steps), or even other areas that i’ve not listed here then please let me know if you would like to contribute your steps. It will all go towards making this a more comprehensive library.


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