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Pet Peeves 2

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Ok, so one more complaint on language usage and i’ll go back to proper tech stuff, I promise.

2 things that i see very often which are more than just typos are the following:

  • Using ‘extravert’ instead of extrovert: This comes up very often in posts and articles about personalities. The opposite of an ‘introverted’ personality is ‘extroverted’ not ‘extrAverted’.
  • Using ‘ance’ instead of ‘ence’: This appears in lots of code and posts about the same. For example, it should be written as Persistence  (e.g Persistence Ignorance) not ‘Persistance’. In the same way its Dependence not Dependance (eg) Dependency Inversion.

Now you may not care much about these things but when i see code with this kind of writing, it goes down a couple of notches in my esteem. So, maybe i’m being nitpicky, but hey, this is my opinion.

Update: This had me in splits. I found an incoming link to this post from the Animal Shelters Directory and I was rather flabbergasted (nice old English word eh?). I wondered about the connection between this post and that site and then figured out that they probably spidered everything to do with “Pet” so the title Pet Peeves triggered it 🙂 . With ‘pets’ and ‘tenants’ this must seem like a temporary shelter for animals that pay rent , or would it be a shelter for ‘principled’ (tenet :-)) animals?


Written by santoshbenjamin

September 9, 2008 at 10:31 PM

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