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Rosario is now VSTS 2010

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I first saw this article in SDTimes on VSTS 2010, and then found some official word on the subject in Brian Harry’s post titled Shining the Light on Rosario  which is a fairly detailed note (and an earlier note titled “Charting a course for Rosario” which provides even more infomation )

To quote a section from the article in SDTimes (emphasis mine)

” The company has not committed to a release date for VSTS 2010. Dave Mendlen, director of developer tools at Microsoft, noted that it would be part of the next wave of the .NET Framework, .NET 4.0. Microsoft will also ship a standard edition of Visual Studio 2010 concurrently.

VSTS 2010, formerly known by the code name “Rosario,” expands the company’s ALM vision with more roles and fewer walls between them, effectively “democratizing” ALM, said Mendlen. Modeling plays a heavy role in how that is accomplished.”

While perhaps a bit disappointing if you were waiting for it to be out any time now (considering it was initially positioned as a rev up from the Team System component of VSTS08), it actually makes a lot of sense at least to me. There are some good resources on the net with explanations of the new features especially with regard to “baking in” of the factory approach and of course, theres an April 08 CTP of Rosario available if you want to play with it. Looking at the sheer breadth of features, i didnt think it would be possible to incorporate all that as a kind of feature pack to 2008 as it would make a substantial change in the VS IDE and I was also hoping that they would link it into the next version of the VS IDE (code named Hawaii) so we didnt have to upgrade twice in quick succession.

Check out that article. Now we just gotta wait for the PDC with bated breath for more to be revealed. 🙂


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September 29, 2008 at 8:36 PM

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