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MockingBird- Beta 2

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MockingBird – Beta 2 is now available.

The changes/ fixes are as follows
(1) The system can handle remote WSDL’s now (using DiscoveryClientProtocol). [But this will use the Default network credentials to get the WSDL. There are no facilities as yet for providing this information as settings for the tool).
(2) Fixed the WSDL Browser which crashed when loading WSDLs into the tree view where there were one way operations in the WSDL.
(3) Xml Instance Generator now allows an overloaded constructor where a GeneratorSettings instance can be passed in to control the output.
(4) Documentation has now been split into a User Guide and Technical Documentation and thoroughly revised.

As mentioned in previous posts, the system is very stable (at least for the WSDLs and services I have tested and used it with) , so the fact that it is still officially a beta-2 shouldnt prevent anyone from using it.

Things that need to be done for RTM are

  • some additional entry points into the XmlInstanceGenerator,
  • adding some “settings” forms where users can set things such as network credentials when dealing with remote WSDLs etc.
  • Update the class library documentation
  • Use Unity in the Service Studio
  • Run the code-base through StyleCop and FxCop. (This last part has me worried :-). How much am I going to need to rewrite?))

Check it out and, as always, feel free to send feedback.


Written by santoshbenjamin

May 22, 2009 at 2:55 PM

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