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VS Color Schemes : Rejuvenating Development

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Ok, so I’ve been really late to this particular party, but I gotta say, I’m absolutely thrilled with the effect that changing the color schemes of VS has on improving my coding morale!! I’ve been using several schemes from Tomas Restrepo’s collection and its done wonders for me  (specifically Ragnorak Blue, Grey and Moria Alternate).  Since I’m using VS 2005 and 2008 side by side, I have quite different color schemes for them and it makes things more interesting than the mundane white background. Maybe it’s also age and the fact that my eyes get tired more easily but hey, Consolas at 15pt looks awesome. 🙂

Having said this, I also started work on Dev10 and I must say, the OOB color scheme is nice. The new WPF editor renders the fonts much crisper and neater so I’ve been content to leave it without changing to a dark background. I guess we’ll have to wait a while for some new schemes to emerge. Quite sure the new editor has various new options for color schemes.

Another thing that its done, aside from make my IDE look nicer, is that it’s given me a coding boost. In fact, my releasing BizUnitExtensions 3.0 is more down to the new color scheme than anything else 🙂 .

So, if you havent taken this particular plunge yet, why not try it out?


Written by santoshbenjamin

June 1, 2009 at 2:14 PM

Posted in Coding, General

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