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BizUnit 3.1

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BizUnit 3.1 is now released. (Actually its been out for over a week). There are a few bug fixes in this release and most notable is the addition of the following steps that Bram Veldhoen contributed.

  • BizTalkSteps/ExecuteMapStep
  • BizTalkSteps/ExecuteReceivePipelineStep
  • BizTalkSteps/ExecuteSendPipelineStep

The Pipeline steps use Tomas Restrepo’s Pipeline Testing Library.

I had originally planned on incorporating Bram’s steps into Extensions as I wrote previously.¬† However after discussing with Kevin, those plans changed so its now in the core BizUnit.

There is a similar MapExecutingStep in Extensions that has been around for a while now and when I get some time I’ll take a closer look at Bram’s step and see if there are any differences that are worth keeping or retire the Extensions step if not required anymore. I have had a couple of bugs reported on Extensions beta-1 which I shall fix soon and get the RTM released which will be compiled against BizUnit 3.1.


Written by santoshbenjamin

July 16, 2009 at 4:25 PM

Posted in BizUnit, Testing

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