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Beta-2 of is now available.

The big feature of this new beta is the standalone Data Contract Generation and we have also put in some other fixes and addressed some outstanding issues (as well as rolling up fixes since the last beta).

The feature list is as follows. The “More Information” links point to posts on Alex’s blog with screenshots and lots of details.

  • The Generate Data Contract Code feature is now available and supports the selection of multiple XSD/WSDL source files. (More Information)
  • When the Enable WSDL Endpoint option is chosen a reference to the Thinktecture.ServiceModel.Extensions.Metadata.dll assembly is automatically added.
  • Support for VB.NET has been added to the code generation.
  • You can choose if operation methods on the service class will throw a NotImplementedException, call an implementation method in a partial class, or will be defined as abstract methods. (More Information)
  • Force the SOAP actions (Action and ReplyAction) applied to each operation contract follow the standard WCF format: <namespace>/<service>/<operation>[Response]

Hope you find this release useful. As always , keep the feedback and suggestions rolling in. Enjoy  🙂


Written by santoshbenjamin

September 1, 2009 at 5:39 PM

Posted in Automation, Tools, WCF, WSCF

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