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Adventures with AppFabric, BizTalk & Clouds 1.0.7 supports VS10 RC

with one comment v1.0.7 now supports VS10 RC in addition to VS2008. There are no new features as such although v1.0.6 which we released a short while ago fixes a number of important bugs in data contract generation. Alex , our code-master extraordinaire, blogged about the 1.0.6 release here .

The generated code has not changed (from previous versions) and runs fine in VS10. With WCF 4’s configuration enhancements, it is even easier to merge config from the output.config file which we generate to the web.config or app.config. Simply copy the bindings and service elements across. Check the release notes for some info on how to handle the <serviceHostingEnvironment  multipleSiteBindingsEnabled  attribute in WCF 4.

Grab the latest release and let us know what you think. Please note that VS10 Beta-2 is NOT supported because of a number of bugs in the context menus and command bar area of VSX. Alex has already started work on V2 which will be a bigger release and I will write about our main themes and roadmap shortly. We are looking forward to your feedback (now and on the roadmap) to help plan features and releases. Hope you find our latest release useful.


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February 25, 2010 at 12:06 AM

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  1. […] 1.0.7 supports VS10 RC – Santosh Benjamin announces the release of a minor upgrade for WSCF Blue, taking the version to 1.0.7, WSCF Blue is a tool for generating web service implementation classes in WCF from the service contract rather than a service implementation, and this updated release brings Visual Studio 2010 RC support in addition to VS2008 support. […]

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