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BizTalk Orchestration Profiler v1.2

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OrchProfiler has now been updated to support 64 bit systems. Actually this has been available for quite some time now in the Planned releases tab of the codeplex space but i’ve taken the opportunity to give it a quick test drive, updated the version numbers etc and made the new release available.

To use this, you need to have the HTML Help Compiler installed and edit the Profiler .exe.config to set the location of the help compiler.

Point releases will be made as frequently as possible to fix reported bugs but no big functionality changes can be expected. Instead we are working on a new tool that will combine this Profiler with the Documenter (as they share a number of common services including the Analysis OM). It is hard to work on two tools (actually 4 -if you take Profiler, Documenter and OM as separate projects) at the same time so please bear with us if we dont get fixes released frequently.

Check it out and let me know via the workspace if you run into any problems.


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March 29, 2010 at 9:26 PM

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