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BizTalk Documenter 3.4 – with 64 Bit Support

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It’s finally arrived. The BizTalk Documenter v3.4  can now be run on 64 bit systems. There are a few other fixes and features as well

  • Firstly it now supports SxS scenarios. In the past if you had an orch or a schema with the same name in 2 different assemblies (different versions of the assembly), the tool would not allow you to add the second instance. The internals have now been thoroughly revised (now using a custom collection instead of the previous hashtable) so SxS is no problem.
  • The Tracing has been overhauled. To keep it simple, there is no bitmask of trace levels. It is just set to ON or OFF. Trace can be monitored via a tool like DebugView or you can choose to turn on EntLib tracing if you wish (the system allows configuring the logger name).
  • The command line parsing has been rewritten to allow usage of path separators (incl colons). The target list of applications must be comma separated and if you want to use application names that have spaces in them , remember to enclose the entire list in quotes.
  • Command line parsing now supports overriding of defaults as well as storing of some defaults in the exe.config file.
  • A number of other fixes and corresponding work items closed.

For those who have sent in enhancements and reported (minor) issues with the XSLT, please note that your changes are NOT in this point release as there was just enough time to get the 64 bit and SxS support.  I am planning for v3.5 which should have all the XSLT issues sorted and any other critical bugs and possibly include some multi-threading as well to improve performance against large installations. There have also been some requests for being able to run the tool against remote installations and that will be investigated.  I wont make any promises on timescale but will keep working on it. Please try out the latest version and send feedback via this blog or on the codeplex workspace. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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May 22, 2010 at 9:21 PM

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  1. Can Biztalk Documenter v3.4 used for Biztalk 2010???


    November 23, 2010 at 6:08 PM

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