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Here’s a list of the community projects that I coordinate and/or contribute to. All of these are on CodePlex. Check them out (if you haven’t already come across them).

Web Services Tools

MockingBird: MockingBird Service Simulator is a configurable message interceptor backed by a generic simulation engine that can act as a stand in for any web service. It also includes a set of tools to help build and test mock services.

WSCFblue: WSCFblue is a toolset for building WSDLs and generating data contracts, service contracts and client proxies that facilitates building highly interoperable web services rapidly.

General Dev Tools

Feature Builder Contrib: Feature Builder Contrib is a Feature Extension that provides additional Feature Commands, ValueProviders and Conditions for Feature Builder 1.0 and will help you build great Extensions for Visual Studio 2010

BizTalk Tools

BizTalk DocumenterThis tool creates documentation for a given BizTalk Server (2006+, 2009,2010) installation. It can be run on an ad-hoc basis using the UI or from the command line as a post build/deploy task to create a compiled help file or Word document describing a BizTalk installation.

BizTalk Orchestration Profiler: Creates report files illustrating the level of coverage for specified BizTalk orchestrations. This tool can be run to gain a consolidated view of orchestration tracking data for a specified period of time to help developers get an idea of how their orchestrations are being processed and how much coverage they are getting in their testing.

BizTalk OM: Common BizTalk object model used in the Documenter and Profiler tools and can be used by any other tool needing a wrapper over BizTalk Explorer OM and WMI. Also provides some useful info not available in other wrappers such as orchestration images.

BizTalk Solution Kits: This project delivers some useful tools for the Biztalk dev community such as source tree generators, VS Templates and and an add-in to apply standard conventions to Biztalk solutions.

BizUnitExtensions: This is a ‘contrib’ project supplementing BizUnit with a number of extra steps.

BizTalk Software Factory: This is a GAT/GAX based factory for building BizTalk solutions.


Written by santoshbenjamin

September 2, 2010 at 12:42 PM

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