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WSCFblue- Get Voting

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I had previously written about the WSCF Roadmap. These have now been entered into the IssueTracker on the workspace. WSCF vNext is underway but we need to know what features to invest in. What additions to the toolset would help your productivity and delivery. 

The main items are listed below. Which of these would ‘rock your world’ 🙂 and which of these do you not give 2 figs about? Have a look and then head over to the workspace and get voting.

  • T4 Templates
  • DataContractSerializer support
  • Contract First Workflow Services
  • Re-platform with FeatureBuilder
  • Merge ‘Classic’ and ‘Blue’
  • Externalized API
  • Persistence & Reload of settings
  • New command line
  • Other bindings
  • Multiple SVC files
  • Custom Behaviors
  • Incremental code-gen
  • WS-Addressing Support
  • Flexible Naming conventions
  • Integration with ServiceFactory
  • New/additional UI

If there are other items that we could consider, let us know on the forums or add items to the IssueTracker.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

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September 17, 2010 at 1:02 PM

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